Nebu's Bio


Nebu's articles, photography & hybrids have been published in High Times (e.g. &, the CannaBible & Hot Breath Magazine (, pps 90-99,  A small gallery of his photography can be viewed here.  His degree is a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and his day job is in Information Technology.

Brief History

Nebu came of age immersed in the cannabis culture that was Ann Arbor, where he first imbibed at age 8 (same age he started playing guitar. Coincidence? ;)). He stayed in Michigan until completing his B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering and then moved to Chicago where he worked for a software company, traveling throughout the U.S. implementing operational information systems into hospitals & healthcare organizations. Traveling 90% became quiet wearisome and Nebu decided to settle in the San Francisco Bay Area working as a Network Engineer for one of his former clients. Coincidentally (again? lol!), this was when Prop215 just passed. As Nebu's IT career progressed rapidly during the dotcom bubble from Engineer to management, to consultant, then back to IT management for a fortune 500 company prior to founding his own Silicon Valley corporation in 2000, he began an avid hobby of organic growing and breeding cannabis. Nebu's photos and work drew the attention of (the largest cannabis grow site in the world at the time of its demise, RIP), where he developed a working relationship with the founders and built their webserver, and HighTimes, where his articles and photography were published.
As the dotcom bubble burst Nebu relocated to Portland, Oregon where he currently resides with his wife (from Colombia) and two daughters, keeps honeybees, runs his vehicles and heats his home using Waste Vegetable Oil, subsists on a living-foods diet (10+ yrs now), does photography, IT consulting, composes & records music and, yes, still vaporizes (since '98), grows & breeds the kind herb.